Love… We are all painfully familiar with this phenomenon as a word and as a feeling. By and large, it can be viewed from different angles, because it is such a multifaceted feeling that each of the more than seven billion souls on earth would give its interpretation to this human «miracle«. From the point of view of science, it’s all quite simple, easy; only the chemical reaction is similar to how everyone can see in the kitchen like mixed acetic acid and soda; or thrown candy «mentos» to a bottle of cola or to gasoline thrown match. Explosion. Release of a large mass of energy.

Consider our question in terms of simple, far from these complex formulas and human processes. By and large, there is no big difference. In essence, science explains the phenomenon of love of everything in a kind of language. After all, let’s take for example even, as it seemed, elementary love for a cat, dog, car, bed … This list can be endless, because everyone has something that causes brain irritation, the so-called «love hormones». The cat caressed his leg, the dog brought a stick — all this brings a kind of pleasure for man. But it so happened genetically that the strongest love in a person is caused by another person. This is due to the desire to procreate, which is inherent in every childhood. There is only one fairly simple answer to this. Just one word, a sea of ​​pain, happiness, tears, laughter, memories.

Only in love and thanks to it a person becomes a person. Love is different: to the Motherland, parents, children, loved ones… It is pointless to hang labels, stereotypes on this great power. How many people — so many types of feelings, which are imprinted by personal experience, worldview, the character that develops between people in love. In my opinion, of all the feelings that a person experiences, first love is considered the most romantic, but at the same time the most difficult. Many people say that it is just a game of hormones. British scientists have conducted scientific studies in which it was proved that it is only the action of dopamine. I remember my first love, this embarrassing state, both positive and negative — it leaves a mark in the soul for life. First love is like the first step or the first word in a baby’s life. If a person was able to fall in love for the first time, then he will be able to love in the future. These feelings may be different, stronger or weaker, but they will be. First love cannot be forgotten at the age of twenty or sixty.

Love for parents is something that should not be brought up and what should not be taught. Your parents should be loved at least for the fact that they are one and others will never be. After all, they gave their lives and take care of us. Parents are our best friends for life. They live by our problems, joys and successes. And we can repay them only with our love and care.

I want to highlight a quote that impresses me in the Ukrainian writer Lina Kostenko: «A woman is like music, you can love her without even understanding.» You can talk about love for a long time, because it is a very important topic. Looking into the crowd, you can immediately see a man in love. She differs from others in appearance and gleam in her eyes. When we give love, we get a little more. For me, love is not an appearance and material good, but an inner beauty and attitude to a loved one. After all, a loved one even likes flaws, and the voice seems melodious to listen to.

It is said that love lives for three years, but I can say with confidence that it is not. So say those who have never truly loved, those who will never know what happiness is to be near a loved one. Mutual love makes a person happy and is a stronger foundation for a harmonious family.

Yaroshchuk Yana — a student of the University «Academy of Recreational Technologies and Law»

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