Short bio data, Born 4/4/1959 Started primary school in 1965. Joined secondary school 1973 and completed in 1977. 1979 joined Sibiu Theological University.Completed in 1983.flew back to Kenya.1985 joined Makarios 111 patriarchal seminary as a tutor upto 1993 Married in 1987.

Having three kids,boy 1988,boy1993 and a girl in 2005.1993 transfered to our first high school in Nyeri my home area upto 1996. ordained deacon 12/6/1999 and priest 20/6/1999.Posted to St.Philip Orthodox Church in Karundu in the same year.

Started a church there.Transfered to St.Anthony in 2006.In 2007 I started St.Anthony Orthodox high school.where Orthodox diocese center stands today.

Visited Russia in 2011&2016 linking our diocese with Russia. Have been serving as principal of the school upto date.

I appreciate that you agreed to answer my questions.

The majority of citizens of my country doesn’t know much about Kenya, and so do I. What Kenya is famous for? What interesting is there to see in your country?

Kenya is famed for world famous athletes. Also produces best coffee and tea.our tourism is excellent with classic wildlife.

I’m pleased to have met you on Facebook, and as the Internet connects people from different continents we want to learn more about Africa because we have a lot of stereotypes about your country. The majority of us thinks, that your people are very poor and have no possibility to access the Internet. How about Internet and other types of communication in your country?

Interview with the Orthodox priest of the Alexandrian Patriarchate Philip Gathari about the history and current state of Orthodoxy in Kenya.

Internet is excellent covering most parts of the country. Though being a developing country we have world class hotels.

It’s well known, that Africa is multi-religious continent and Kenya is multi-religious too. Christianity, Islam and traditional African beliefs prevail in Africa. Is it so in your country?

Religion in our country is multi sectoral.The Roman Catholic has the biggest following,followed by combined Protestants and the Orthodox.

I have a sensivity question, but I have to ask you – why have you become Christian? Was your family Orthodox? Why have you decided to become an Orthodox priest?

Why I become Orthodox because I admired her worship.i was baptized Orthodox from childhood

Tell me something about Orthodox church of Alexandria, about its history? When did first Orthodox priests come to Kenya?

Our church joined the patriarchate of Alexandria in 1946.

Please, tell me about administrative organization of Orthodox Church of Alexandria. How many dioceses and archdioceses, bishops and priests does it have? Does your church have autocephaly or exarchate of Alexandrian patriarchy?

We belong to the patriarchate of Alexandria.In Africa we don’t have autocephalous churches.The Patriarch is the spiritual head, Archbishops, metropolitans and bishops,priests and deacons.For sure,I don’t know the exact number of Archbishops, bishops and priests in Africa.In Kenya we have three dioceses,that of Nairobi, Nyeri and Mt.kenya and Kisumu and Western Kenya.We have one Archbishop and two bishops.Kisumu and Western Kenya is vacate.It’s bishop passed on last January.All combined,the priests range from 450-500.

Interview with the Orthodox priest of the Alexandrian Patriarchate Philip Gathari about the history and current state of Orthodoxy in Kenya.

Are there any Orthodox universities and seminaries in Kenya? Do your future priests become an Orthodox education abroad? If yes, in which countries?

Priests are trained at Makarios 111 patriarchal seminary in Nairobi after which some go to abroad for further studies. They go to Greece, Cyprus, U.S.and Romania.i studied in Romania.

In which regions in Kenya are there more Orthodox people? Do Kenyan Orthodox cooperate with other Orthodox in social activities? In which ones?

Orthodox Center is located at ichamara a small town where our Secondary School is located.The school donated land to build the Center and the convent.

How many parishes of your church are there in Kenya? How many Orthodox temples are there in your country? Where is the biggest Orthodox Temple in Kenya?

Here we don’t have big temples like in Ukraine.The Orthodox Church is concentrated in central Kenya, Western Kenya,Rift valley and Eastern Kenya.Our church is growing and make inroads in new places.

I want to learn more about your service and your Orthodox parish. In which city or village is your parish located?

I serve to small churches of St.Anthony in the Aberdares ranges and St.George along the equator line.i don’t have good church buildings.

In what language are the worships held in your church?

The languages of worship are, Indigenous languages, Kiswahili (spoken in East Africa) and English.

Are there any Orthodox monasteries in Kenya? If yes, where are they located?

In Kenya we don’t have monasteries.i had a convent in Nyeri in the 1990s which was later closed and Kenyan nuns re-located to Greece. From where I am writing, construction is under way for a convent.

What do you know about the Ukraine? Would you like to see our Orthodox relics? There are thousands of monasteries and temples in our country.

They are semi-permanent. About Ukraine.i  Know that your church is developed. Kiev is the heart of your church.i know you have many monasteries and convents.

What would you like to wish our readers?

I would very much like to visit Ukraine to make homage on your relics. My parting remarks,; Our diocese needs missionaries from Ukraine. Let our brothers and sisters get a taste Kenyan hospitality. God bless you.

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