For more than a millennium, the question of choosing the meaning and living space associated with the formation of the moral and value vector, purpose and motivation of all human actions and actions in order to form the ultimate goal of the strategy called life. One era replaces others; that for one epoch it is a value, for another it is a fiasco and a collective illusion. However, the tools for the realization of the meaning of human existence are many: it is human resources, intelligence, human capacity for creativity, transforming the surrounding reality. And yet, the most fundamental question: for what and for whom? What is the ultimate goal of all human labor, sleepless nights, earned money, lost health and strength? Quite difficult ..

A person around whom all his life revolves commercial transactions, sales, market cooperatives is experiencing perhaps the greatest stress, when one day, or for health reasons or retirement, the lifestyle changes dramatically. After all, so many expectations and hopes were placed in all this «life». Life, which is presented by the game for decades, at one point simply loses its meaning. And so in everything: education, career, creativity, and even your own family and children.

So, what universal vector of meaning-life direction to choose, to always experience goodness and happiness in yourself; unspeakable joy and bliss? There is a state when, as if with the whole being, you feel the very breath of being: you live… It seemed that it could be better? Every minute you acutely feel the joy of life in all its meaning, brightness and fullness. It is to this format of vitality that humanity strives among all epochs, no matter what values ​​and priorities may be dominant in them. Of course, the priorities in life are quite different: some people see a deep meaning in the service of the Fatherland, some — to achieve recognition, prestige, caring for the personal status quo; others — in selfless service to others by volunteering. For some, the priority is to plant a tree, to start a family, and for others to be devoted to their own work, asceticism, or the accomplishment of spiritual feats in the service of God and neighbor. Many people prioritize the meaning of living an extreme life, in search of adventure and non-classical approaches to solving banal and standard problems, because otherwise, there is nothing to remember about the past.

In fact, whatever becomes a priority in determining the meaning of all the actions of human existence — all these are just the ways in which a person comes to the dream fullness of life. For me personally, life is full of meaning due to love for people who see deep meaning in you through relationships, love and respect. Feeling and realizing that someone needs you and someone needs you already makes you the happiest person in the world. And it goes without saying that no one needs me. This is too banal an approach that shapes our illusory consciousness through the prism of our negative experiences with others. However, even if most of us are cold or neutral, even one person who can trust us is really no better. It is a wonderful privilege not just to create, but to understand that your efforts will be truly appreciated; the meaning is not in oneself, but for the sake of others — to be able to communicate and exchange thoughts, experiences and value ideas. In fact, it is a source of progress and progress.

I am convinced that people still live not for life’s goals, but for the very process of life. And the variety of goals in people’s lives is, in fact, the means to feel alive, wanted, and, ultimately, to feel the fullness of life, increasingly getting real pleasure from it. In general, it is necessary to test yourself more and more in different spheres of life in all its manifestations: joys, experiences, happiness, love, passion, anger, sadness.

We often hear that life is the most important human value. However, in reality, we realize this most often during certain collapses or wars. Therefore, we should use every opportunity to rejoice simply because we live…

Anastasia Oleksyuk — a student of the University «Academy of Recreational Technologies and Law»

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