Love is an all-encompassing and deepest philosophical category. For the vast majority of humanity, this phenomenon is seen as a completely new feeling, a vivid emotion produced by relationships. However, the birth of this feeling is a small mechanism in the chain of those huge and social transformations that take place in man and society.

Using pathos and literary hyperbole, the effects of unrequited love are perceived as a mixture of honey and poison. Indeed, love is a powerful psychological enhancer of perception of the surrounding reality, which increases the feeling of happiness and unhappiness in the eyes of people. Entering the life of mankind, love changes the whole structure of its values. This is a completely new stimulus to human behavior; when it appears, it casts its reflection on all other stimuli, shifts their balance, dramatically changing the proportions.

The simplicity of human life now disappears, the birth of love begins to confuse, complicating individual life, thereby losing its integrity. At any time, the problem of love is extremely relevant. There is a love for each age group: for children it is love for their parents, relatives, for those around them; for teenagers it is the first love; for adults — children, family, grandchildren. Undoubtedly, this is a strong feeling, a burst of emotions in the soul that fill all of humanity. Each person at the stage of his formation, socialization becomes a mature person, so for him the meaning of the concept of love will be different from the perception of others. And yet, everything that happens in human relationships is now called love.

Speaking of the present, only self-love appears in the foreground. Our consciousness is so accustomed to the imposed stereotype that love is, first of all, pleasure, integral hedonism, that we try our best to arrange life and relationships in such a way that it is convenient and comfortable, that only our “I” dominates in the first place. «, Not» you «. When we are in love, it is extremely easy to do feats. However, this can hardly be called a feat in the name of love. Most likely, it is a pleasure, the fruit of love. The exploits of everyday life are not bright at all, and, at first glance, do not deserve applause. A feat can be called more when you do it consciously, break your laziness, pride, selfishness, and then commit an act for the sake of another. Of course, everyone has a choice anyway. However, to imagine a life without love is scary and cold. In this regard, the researcher T. Goncharuk wrote: «Man, who is an independent being by nature, gained opportunities for self-development, reincarnation.» Therefore, if you choose love, you need to prepare for a lot of work on yourself.

Love as a phenomenon is not explained by physical, psychological, physiological or psychological conditions of human existence. Love as a human being is a great mystery, which in the philosophical sense is a phenomenon that is hidden and not something that can be discovered sooner or later. A secret is something that lies on the surface, visible to all, but inaccessible. One will never understand that true love without experiencing it in one’s own

Love and passion in the lives of famous people

We must not forget the great musician Ludwig Beethoven, who dedicated his whole life and almost all his works to a woman named Juliet, who «broke» his heart. In a state of mental confusion in October 1802, the composer left Vienna. Fear, and the lack of developments in favor of the musician’s life, give rise to thoughts of suicide, but, gathering strength, began a new life. A few years later, Juliet returned to Austria. She came to the apartment where the artist lived. With tears she remembered those wonderful moments when the composer was her teacher, told about the poverty and difficulties of her family, asked to forgive him and help financially. As a kind and noble man, the maestro gave a considerable sum of money to Juliet, but begged me never to reappear in his soul. His thoughts and words seemed indifferent.

But no one knows what happened to his soul, which was mutilated by numerous disappointments.
Beethoven was not the only one who suffered greatly from both passion and love. But he, as a creative person, understood perfectly well that without these feelings there is no meaning to life, and having tasted at least once the sweet touch of love — he understood that life does not pass you by.

Religious love

Then we think to ourselves that we are not yet ready to give ourselves completely to the world if we feel the need to protect ourselves from it. In this case, we are not completely healthy and in our own consciousness we produce our own illusion. And, in fact, such a thought is probably the last and most difficult obstacle to overcoming the inner fear of going beyond one’s own limits, to start living for others. This echoes the phrase «if you need help, give it to your neighbor», but in a deep sense, because such a return is preceded by long work on yourself and boundless trust in God, that giving ourselves into His hands, we are no longer afraid, but are brave in their actions and ready to love and accept all the actions that come with this difficult task.

Love as a harmony of sensuality and spirituality

Love is capable of risk. It strives to be cosmic, boundless, to become nobody here, to develop outside all rules. But the period of romantic love is coming, lovers are faced with the fact that love will not be able to last long beyond common sense, duty, responsibility, calculation. This is the potential tragedy of love. On the one hand, love is a feeling of devotion, sacrifice, sincerity, directness, on the other — it can not remain oppressed in the normative social environment. A deep, spiritually rich person accepts this tragedy, which serves as a test and affirmation for her love.

Worries and responsibilities are brought by the gray everyday life of married life, the pressure of unpleasant events and life difficulties do not kill the friendly attitude of the couple to each other, to children, to the family hearth. Love in this case is a great work of the soul ..

It would be wrong to say that the love of two people is directly the guarantor of harmony and happiness in family and marriage. Family relationships are ambiguous and contradictory, and the path to family happiness is full of patience and hard work. When family life does not develop and the couple decides to divorce, most often, and as a rule, this is motivated by the only standard reason — «the characters did not get along.» Of course, each is special. Potentially different from each other are the most loving husband and wife. When, for example, one of them loves a cheerful, noisy company, the other — seeks solitude and solitude; when one is organized and meticulous, the other does everything spontaneously. But from the very beginning it should be understood that if he and she were absolute «incubators», the marriage would probably not last longer. For a happy family life, they must be different, and therefore always be interested in each other.

Love is the fullness of spiritual and spiritual realization of man. Thanks to mature love, a person can withstand the severe pressure of circumstances, remain faithful in marriage, not betray their valuable ideals. Love is a source of moral strength and energy. If your work has grown into mature love, you have gained an immensely powerful and reliable moral foundation for your family.

So, love is one of the most important things in life. Every individual deserves someone who is able to help at any time, to realize themselves and their dreams, in relation to respect. To do this, go through the rubicon of effort and time. Everyone deserves to be close to those who will make you smile every time and forget about troubles and failures, and that the best love is to solve everything together. Each of us deserves to be cherished: and, of course, not just in words. Each of us deserves someone who knows about our favorite things, not because you are constantly reminded of them, but because he listens and pays attention to how you interact with the world. Each of us deserves those who will love us and each of us can become part of the universe of love…

Maria Busko — student of the University «Academy of Recreational Technologies and Law»

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