When I started working on the essay, I chose this topic quite by accident, not attaching much importance to the words mentioned in it. What is this problem that is not visible at first glance? To get an answer to this question, you only need to look on the Internet and carefully read the meaning of the term “deviant behavior”.

According to Dr. Maximova’s work, deviant behavior (behavior with deviation) is “human behavior that does not meet the norms and role expectations accepted in society.”

Deviant human behavior: a brief essayistic reasoning

Indeed, a natural question arises: what circumstances and factors contribute to low self-esteem? Why, in particular, adolescents have psychosis, panic attacks? In many cases, the cause of these phenomena is an existential inconsistency with accepted norms in society and role expectations. Immediately comes to mind the film “Divergent” in the plot of which there is a key point similar to their own considerations. According to the plot, the film also featured a group of such “deviants” who differed from the others in one way or another. It was their differences that led to the fact that they considered themselves wrong, broken, who have no right to live with others. But why does anyone have the right to say who is worthy of life and who is not? Why should certain stereotypes destroy the human personality from the inside? People have become too callous and show complete indifference as a normalized behavioral model (today the phrase “my house is on the edge, I know nothing” is more relevant than ever). This suggests that those who commit suicide are simply unable to cope on their own with the psychosomatic factors that bother them.

I do not in any way justify those who commit such insults with their lives, but only focus on the problem that exists, and in fact it is like a mention of deviants in the topic of the essay – lies on the surface. It is only necessary to show a little vigilance and compassion to those around us, perhaps every day. In fact, trivial attention can be a factor that will save someone’s life. Our vigilance is the main anchor that people who need help can hold, for example, to write a few words to someone who has not made himself known for a long time, or a person who recently looks depressed or just someone who has never been complimented, or did not greet the holiday, did not send greeting cards.

I believe that hanging any labels on a person is unwise and even dangerous, especially now, when people are striving more and more for freedom and self-realization every day. And the most important thing is that all individuals are different and it is illogical to measure everyone under one comb, because you are not like others, and tomorrow someone may tell you that you do not meet the standards developed by others. Therefore, the main advice on how to deal with deviant behavior is to stop blaming it and allow everyone to live as comfortably and harmoniously as possible.

Oleksandra Matviychuk – student of the University “Academy of Recreational Technologies and Law”