Yes, we are talking about abortion. Some people who are devoted to faith, prayer, service to God and neighbor affirm a single sentence as a well-founded fact that pregnancy, childbearing is a gift of the Creator. The embryo or fetus, although inseparable from the mother’s body, is alive and able to feel pain. In order not to intrigue readers, I am immediately ready to highlight the main idea of ​​this essay that abortion is the direct murder of an unborn child. And what about the argument, the biotic component of this problem? After all, what about women’s rights regarding her personal choice or not? With the argument really, not everything is so clear. Although any religious system identifies abortion as a sin, calling it infanticide, proponents of the right to abortion chant banners, slogans, and logos of the human right to remain with women.

"Abortion": an urgent problem with the unpopular view of one student

Indeed, the deep social problem poses many symptomatic factors that indicate the basis for abortion. These include, as a rule, the lack of appropriate economic and social conditions, a sick child or unwillingness to have children in general. For example, in the UK, there is a feminist childfree movement, which confirms the reluctance to share the role of motherhood. In some European countries, where abortion is not legalized, actions and rallies are held in support of them, attracting special attention of journalists, politicians, representatives of the church clergy and world religions. In others, where they are officially permitted by law, meetings are held to ban or restrict them. With regard to health risks in abortion, it should be noted that this procedure can be performed by both qualified and unskilled personnel. In countries where abortion is legalized, it is usually performed by obstetricians. And yet, abortions in late pregnancy are not recommended for all specialists whose worldviews they did not follow.

Why do I insist on the destructiveness of any abortion at any stage? Pregnancy is a sign of procreation in order to care for the offspring. That is why the very fact of abortion contradicts biological laws. It is logical that abortion has a negative impact on health, especially on the psychosomatic state of women. In addition, there are gynecological problems, as well as a high risk of infertility and complications of subsequent pregnancies.

Despite all the terrible consequences of abortion, as well as the possible sense of shame and inner conscience that condemns the act, a person has a choice of moral direction: is it possible to take the life of a person who has not even come to this world? The greatest value is the human right to life and personal happiness. And abortion in itself is nothing but the deprivation of these rights of the unborn child, and a woman – to realize themselves in the wonderful role of motherhood by giving care, love, care and concern. Undoubtedly, abortion is an anti-natural procedure that goes against common sense. May God protect every woman and her family from such actions and their consequences!

Oksana Kudkudak – student of the University “Academy of Recreational Technologies and Law”